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Crowns & Bridges Fitting In Matraville

Illustration of wisdom teeth

Shying away from a smile due to one or more missing teeth or damaged teeth? Then you can opt for crowns & bridges fitting procedure. It fills the gap between missing teeth and also protects the damaged tooth. You can receive this treatment at a dental clinic nearby. 

So, do you want the best dentist in Matraville to fix your missing or damaged teeth?  Well, you’ve come to the perfect place for the solution.

Total Dental Care - Professional Restorative Dentistry

Getting crowns & bridges to fix your missing teeth problems comes under the restorative dentistry specialisation. And at our clinic, we have top dentists available for this procedure. Our dentists have years of experience in fitting crowns and bridges for people from the Sydney region, including Matraville. So, you can rely upon the expertise of our capable dental practitioners at Total Dental Care. We will restore the bright smile on your face in no time! 

When Do We Recommend Dental Crowns & Bridges?

People visiting our clinic often ask us - when do they need restorative dentistry? So, we believe that you should know the answer to this question before making any enquiries with us. You can read the following points to learn the conditions for which we prescribe crowns and bridges at our Matraville clinic.

  • When you have a tooth or more than one teeth missing in your mouth.
  • During the procedure of fitting single tooth dental implants. 
  • We also place a crown after the removal of infected pulp during the root canal treatment. 
  • In case of damaged or chipped teeth, we do recommend crowns & bridges. 
  • Do you have large cavities in your mouth? Well, we would fill them with our restorative procedure!  

You should never delay getting restorative dentistry whenever you experience any of the above- mentioned points. Otherwise, the situation may take a turn for the worse, and you would have to pay a lot more later to fix the problem. So, call us today and book your appointment with the leading dentist in Matraville!

Our Approach - Simple, Comprehensive & Holistic

Usually, it takes two visits to our dental clinic for anyone who wants dental crowns & bridges fitting. In the first visit, we will study your entire dental orientation and recent medical records. Similarly, we will prep your tooth by removing any plaque or tartar around it. Next, we will take a few impressions of your dental orientation and tooth socket, and it will be sent to the lab. 

While our lab experts carve out the perfect dental crowns and bridges for your teeth, we will fit temporary crowns over your teeth. After two weeks, you will have to return for the second visit. Here, we will remove the quick fittings and replace them with newly made crowns & bridges. So, you can get on with your life as you always wanted. 

Why Come To Total Dental Care?

Over the years, our dental clinic has garnered a respectable reputation in the Matraville community. Every year, we see more and more people registering with us for a whole range of dental treatment, including crowns & bridges. You can follow in their footsteps and receive the best dental care for you and your family. 

  • Dr Mark Mann and his brilliant team of dentists have 30+ years of experience in dentistry. 
  • We have every modern equipment in our clinics, such as a 3D scanner, intraoral scanner, and laser equipment. 
  • Apart from crowns & bridges, we offer root canal treatment, dental implants, dentures, veneers, teeth whitening and orthodontic solutions. 
  • You can book an appointment at Total Dental Care that suits your convenience. Also, we are available from every Monday to Saturday. You can check our working timings in Matraville, Sydney! 

So, call us now or head over to the “Contact Us” section on the Total Dental Care website! 

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