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Expert Dentist In Little Bay

Illustration of wisdom teeth

Many people avoid visiting a dentist due to misinformation or due to being fearful of painful dental procedures. In reality, most of the treatments are pain-free, and you can leave the dental clinic within an hour or two. You don’t have to live your social life with a fractured smile anymore. Bring your family or book an appointment for yourself with one of the leading dentists in Little Bay! 

Total Dental Care - Family Dentists In Little Bay

Due to bad oral habits and poor dental hygiene, you may face a lot of dental problems. We are surrounded by a world that consumes fast food, carbohydrates drinks and everything that’s not remotely healthy for our teeth, and that too at an astonishingly high rate. Such careless habits lead to teeth decay, severe toothache, chipped teeth, or even discoloured teeth. And at Total Dental Care clinic, we have everything that you need so that you can flaunt a radiating smile in public without any fear or hesitation. 

Our dentists specialise in restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and lots of other fields. So, you don’t have to go through the trouble of looking for other dentists in Little Bay when you are already at the finest dental clinic’s website. Yes, we are widely reputed in this neighbourhood for our all-encompassing dental approach, a wealth of experience and professionalism through and through. 

Dental Treatment At Our Clinic

As mentioned earlier, dental problems such as stained teeth, broken tooth or malocclusions are common among the Australian population. At Total Dental Care, our dentists can fix any of your problems without any difficulties. Whether you need a dental implant, teeth whitening solutions or regular check-ups for your dearest little ones, we have the lot. 

Are you interested to know the full extent of treatments available at our dental clinic in Little Bay? We will be happy to list them below for you! 

  • General Dentistry: You can book an appointment with our dentists for routine checkups now and then. It will keep your teeth and gums healthy, and you don’t have to worry about any significant dental problems in the long future. Dr Mark Mann and his team will clean your teeth properly with an excellent scaler and remove any tartar or plaque in-between.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Not fixing a broken tooth or a chipped one snowball into a bigger problem in the future. It’s always better late than never, and the same goes for fixing damaged teeth in your mouth. Our cosmetic dentists examine every person’s dental problems and recommend treatment accordingly. We may prescribe dental implants, crowns, bridges or even dentures to you. 
  • Orthodontics: With advanced approaches towards teeth straightening, you don’t have to confine yourself to metal braces. At Total Dental Care clinic in Little Bay, we also offer clear aligners - Invisalign to help them straighten their teeth. However, for severe malocclusions, we will undoubtedly put metal braces over your teeth. 
  • Child Dental Care: Your little ones also need the best dental care at every step of their precious development years. Our pediatric dentists will chart a plan to imbibe good oral habits in your kids. Many prominent kinds of research show that teaching your kids the proper dental practices from an early age should be every parents’ top-most priority. At Total Dental Care, we will lend you a massive hand in this endeavour.

Apart from dental implants and all the other things mentioned above, we have various specialities under our belt. We can give you quick teeth whitening solutions, pain-free root canal treatment, removal of wisdom teeth, etc. So, talk to our team and book your appointment today!

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