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How SEO can help Dentists

Dentistry is a competitive industry, and to keep your business profitable you need to attract new patients. Just being in the Yellow Pages isn’t enough anymore – in the 21st century people find the services they need over the internet. An SEO consultant will help prospective clients to find you, rather than going to your competitors!

A simple google search for “dentist Maroubra” comes up with 1.2 million results. Although most of the later results will not be home pages for dentists, page 12 of the results is still turning up new dentists within the inner suburbs of Sydney (some as close to the CBD as North Sydney and Randwick). Even searches for a particular suburb, such as “dentist Manly”, turn up hundreds of thousands of results, with websites for dentists located in Manly itself still appearing on the 5th page.

In reality, nobody looking for a dentist is going to click that far through the results. If your website isn’t on the first page of a google search, potential customers are not going to find you, and there are enough other dentists around Sydney that people don’t need to look hard to find one near them. 
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of moving your website up the rankings of search engines so that you can get more people to see it, which should lead to more business. If you’re into computers and design (or have a friend or relative who is) you can probably build a decent website yourself, but if you want to maximise the edge that SEO can give you you’ll need SEO for dental website with an experienced consultant to help! 

At its most basic level, SEO is about having a good website that lots of people visit and look at for a while. This much you might (if you’re a good writer and web designer) be able to do yourself, although an SEO consultant will be able to do it for you. There are lots of other ways to get Google to boost your website up its search rankings, however, and for these you will need an expert.

There are numerous SEO techniques that can help to make your website easier to both find and use, from keywords to link building, and you need to integrate as many of them as possible seamlessly into your content in order to make the search engines (especially Google) happy.

Google rewards websites that use good SEO techniques, as these techniques also make it easier for people to use the site, but it punishes websites that simply try to manipulate its algorithms. A good SEO team will be able to exploit aspects of web design that the algorithm rewards, without going overboard and getting your website punished.

So to attract more customers to your dentistry practice, you need to embrace SEO. Having a good quality website will certainly help you, but you would need to be very lucky to get your website onto the first page of the Google rankings without help from an expert – and if you aren’t on the first page, you generally won’t be found.

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