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Professional Teeth Whitening In Coogee

Illustration of wisdom teeth

Usually, discoloured teeth or stained teeth becomes a problem for your social life. You can no longer smile confidently or even speak properly out of fear for the public eyes. However, as you grow old, it’s natural to stain your teeth for one reason or another. But you don’t have to live with it for the entirety of your lifetime. It’s pretty easy these days to get teeth whitening solutions for you or anyone in your family. 

So, do you have questions about teeth whitening, and how does it benefit you in the long run? Let’s find out. 

Why Go For Professional Teeth Whitening?

You have two options for your discoloured teeth, namely, over the counter solution and professional teeth whitening. And below, we have illustrated why visiting an experienced dentist such as Dr Mark Mann at his clinic in Coogee is the better choice for you. 

  • More Effective Whitening: When you use over the counter teeth whitening products, you may end up seeing uneven results on your teeth. However, a professional dentist will always give you comprehensive and long-lasting solutions. 
  • Reliable Solution: Basically, teeth whitening gels and products are made of chemicals. A professional dental practitioner, such as Total Dental Care, will always prescribe you a non-harmful product. However, you don’t get such assurance of reliability when you bring over the counter teeth whitening gels in Coogee.
  • Immediate Results: Our dentists will whiten your teeth within a few hours. So, you don’t have to wait for days or even weeks before you can smile confidently. It is possible due to in-clinic teeth whitening solutions from Dr Mark Mann and his team! 

So, you can always expect the best treatment for your discoloured or stained teeth from our professional dentists in Coogee. So, why not book a quick appointment with Total Dental Care for teeth whitening right now? You will find the following reasons more than enough to book an appointment today! 

Our Teeth Whitening Solutions

Dentists at Total Dental Care will first examine your teeth before prescribing any teeth whitening treatment to you. During this, we check if there’s any pre-existing condition that may obstruct or get worse due to teeth whitening solutions. Immediately after the examination, we prescribe you one of the following treatment plans, as per your convenience and urgency. 

  • Take-Home Hit: In just a few days, you will see the results with our Pola take-home kit. In this, you will find custom-fitted trays that you will wear for about an hour or two every day. After 10-14 days, you will see the full effects of this brilliant Pola take-home teeth whitening kit. So, visit us and take home the ideal solution in Coogee today! 
  • In-office Solution: At times, we are visited by people who cannot wait for a few days; in such cases, we give them teeth whitening solution in our clinic itself. Our dentists will apply a concentrated gel to your teeth and push a bright light onto them. It accelerates the entire stain oxidation process and thus yields much quicker results. So, in case you have an important meeting or an event to attend the very next day, come to Total Dental Care! 

Book your appointment today; our dentists will be more than happy to welcome you at Total Dental Care.

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